Beyond the Basics

The Aquatrek family of experienced instructors will help you enter the underwater world with easy-to-use educational materials, professional quality equipment, and training that is focused on safety, comfort and fun!  As an open water student, you will learn the skills necessary to become a certified open water scuba diver.  This will allow you to travel to, and dive in destinations ranging from lakes and rivers to exotic, tropical locations around the world!

Open Water Training

There are many additional classes that can make you a safer, better diver and Aquatrek has the staff to help you advance your skills.  Whether the choice is to coast effortlessly over colorful reefs in warm, clear water, photograph what you see, explore sunken wrecks, or cruise through underwater cave systems, our instructors will make your journey easier.  There are specialty classes that address different types of diving, and we can help you reach your goals.

​Aquatrek Adventures
Your Fun is our Business!

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